Pinterest is full of pretty pictures.  And most of those pretty pictures are resulting in folks clicking on a picture that leads back to a website.  That Pinterest image could be promoting a new product or service or the latest blog post. The point is the click results in a visitor to your site.


Think of that pretty picture as the front door to your website, the curb appeal, if you may.  If you’ve ever shopped for a house, the curb appeal is what makes you want to see more of the house, right?  Well, think of your Pinterest images that way.  If your pins are poppin’ off the screen, then folks are more likely to want to see more of what you’re doing.  If not…well, that would just be sad.

But pins can take time.  If graphic design isn’t your wheelhouse and you don’t want to learn it, that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for!

Want some pretty eye-poppin’ pins?  Let’s get started!

10 custom pins for old or new posts - starting at $50

25 custom pins for old or new posts - starting at $100

50 custom pins for old or new posts - starting at $150

Create template for your brand - 3 designs - starting at $50

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