Attention virtual assistants AND

online business OWNERS:


You've made the huge decision to step out on your own.  Good for you!  After you've done your celebration dance, it's time to get down to business and create a web presence.

You need a website.  


You don't have the technical skills to put one together.

You don't have the time to create a website.

You want one now and you don't want to wait weeks or even months to get started.

Never fear.  That's where Website in a Weekend comes in.

What does it include?

Here's what the Website in a Weekend includes:

Purchase of a new domain or connection of a domain you've already purchased

Google Analytics setup

Creation of your home page, about page, blog, one service page and contact page in Squarespace.  Client will need to provide copy to qualify for Website in a Weekend.

Sourced images are included.

One round of edits.

Recorded video of how to make edits to your new Squarespace website, once completed

A one-hour phone meeting to discuss your needs

Sorry, no e-commerce sites for the Website in a Weekend package.   

What will it cost and will I be able to make changes, like add more pages?

Yep!  Squarespace is easily customizable and the video will walk you through how to add additional pages on your own.  If you're not comfortable editing yourself, I will gladly do that for you, at an additional charge.

The Website in a Weekend investment is one payment of $650 or two payments of $330 and includes everything mentioned above.

If you have other Squarespace website needs outside of the Website in a Weekend package, please contact me for rates and availability.

In order to qualify for the Website in a Weekend, clients must:

Submit the client questionnaire, all copy and digital assets by 6pm EST Friday.

Payment must be received by 6pm EST Friday.  Work will not begin until all items have been received.



Does this include transferring my current website?

While we can do that for you at an extra charge, this particular offering is more suited towards business owners with no presence at all.

Can I make changes to my website?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we encourage you to get in there and add more content. The video you'll receive with the finished product will walk you through the backend of your new site.

What are the extra charges to maintain my new website?

In addition to any domain name expenses, you will need to pay for hosting. Squarespace offers the following plans.


You'll need to set up your billing preference within 14 days  for the site to remain live.