You're a mom, a wife, a caregiver. But you're more than that.

You're a woman with goals and dreams to do so much more.

  • You're a mom who wants (and needs) to make a financial contribution to your household.
  • You're a wife who yearns to have something to call her own.
  • You're tired of your crappy 9-to-5 job and all the drama that goes with it and you dream of a way to escape it.
  • You're a single mom spending a load of money on childcare and precious time away from your kids, all so you can just get by.
  • You don't have the time or $$ to spend on an expensive course. #justthefactsmaam


What if all the steps to build a profitable virtual assistant business were laid out for you, saving you oodles of time and headaches?

What if I showed you how to build a business you can be proud of, all at the fraction of the cost of a business coach?

What would you do with an extra income in your household - take a vacation? Help out family members? Pay off your house?


Who am I?

My name is Regina. First off, let me say this: I get it. When I launched my business in 2007 after a horrifying babysitting experience, I was scared I couldn't make this online business thing work.  


It's now 2018 and I'm still here.

I made my business work because I had to make it work. And I'm going to share with you methods I've learned and perfected over the last ten years in this packed bundle.



  • What it takes to be a rock star virtual assistant in this growing industry
  • How to overcome the fear of launching a new business
  • What tools do you really need to get started and which ones can you ignore for now
  • How to price and market your services effectively

And a whole heck of a lot more!



this is what you'll get:

  1. A 100+ page step-by-step guide on how to launch a profitable virtual assistant business. It will be like having your own personal coach right by your side!
  2. A handy checklist of tasks you'll accomplish during your launch. Because really, don't you like checking off boxes when you finish something?
  3. Virtual Assistant Contract - the exact contract I used to sign new clients - available in .doc and pdf
  4. Welcome Packet - send to new clients, outlining your procedures - available in .doc and pdf
  5. Video Presentation and Notes from the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Seminar (April 2018) How to Take the Hustle out of Finding Clients - you'll get the video and my presentation notes in pdf form.
  6. My video presentation at the Business Systems Virtual Summit (2017) on how to start a virtual assistant business
  7. How to Create Passive Income for Your Online Business - an ebook about how to deal with slow months in your business by adding passive income
  8. Newbie Virtual Assistant Toolkit - perfect for the new virtual assistant, a list of tools to get you started as a virtual assistant
  9. Services You Can Offer as a Blogger Virtual Assistant - ideas on ways a virtual assistant can help bloggers
  10. Yearly Income Planner - plug in your income goals into this spreadsheet and know instantly what you should be charging your clients
  11. Summit Notes - How to Manage Your Full-Time Job Finances + Your Side Hustle
  12. Sales Funnel Planner - ebook to help you plan your next money-making sales funnel
  13. Discovery Call Checklist - what to ask potential clients during the discovery process
  14. A list of 100 Facebook groups to introduce yourself and promote your business



Count 'em - that's 14 high-quality resources you can use to finally get your business off the ground - a combination of videos, ebooks and spreadsheets. You'll be hard-pressed to find a bundle like this for VA's anywhere.

Are you ready to launch and grow your virtual assistant biz? Then this is a no-brainer.

Grab the Virtual Assistant Bundle before it's gone.

Are you ready to finally launch your virtual assistant business? Let's do this!