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A step-by-step guide you need to finally get your business off the ground

 (even if you've tried and failed before)



You're a mom, a wife, a caregiver. But you're more than that.

You're a woman with goals and dreams to do so much more.

  • You're a mom who wants (and needs) to make a financial contribution to your household.
  • You're a wife who yearns to have something to call her own.
  • You're tired of your crappy 9-to-5 job and all the drama that goes with it and you dream of a way to escape it.
  • You're a single mom spending a load of money on childcare and precious time away from your kids, all so you can just get by.
  • You don't have the time or $$ to spend on an expensive course. #justthefactsmaam


What if all the steps to build a profitable virtual assistant business were laid out for you, saving you oodles of time and headaches?

What if I showed you how to build a business you can be proud of, all at the fraction of the cost of a business coach?

What would you do with an extra income in your household - take a vacation? Help out family members? Pay off your house?


Who am I?

My name is Regina. First off, let me say this: I get it. When I launched my business in 2007 after a horrifying babysitting experience, I was scared I couldn't make this online business thing work.  


It's now 2018 and I'm still here.

I made my business work because I had to make it work. And I'm going to share with you methods I've learned and perfected over the last ten years in my new ebook.



  • What it takes to be a rock star virtual assistant in this growing industry
  • How to overcome the fear of launching a new business
  • What tools do you really need to get started and which ones can you ignore for now
  • How to find and identify your ideal client, how to sign them and how to deal with "messy" client situations
  • How to manage your time to get it all done and not sacrifice your home life

And a whole heck of a lot more!



Order a copy of the Ebook and you'll get NOT ONLY THE BOOK BUT 3 FREE BONUSES!

A 100+ page step-by-step guide on how to launch a profitable virtual assistant business. It will be like having your own personal coach right by your side!

A handy checklist of tasks you'll accomplish during your launch. Because really, don't you like checking off boxes when you finish something?




My passive income planner, chock full of ways you can add even more income to your business without trading time for money.


My yearly income planner, an easy-to-use spreadsheet to plan your income goals

My mindset ebook, called "Mind Over Matter." In order to launch your business, you've got to have a clear mindset so I share actionable ways to do just that.


Are you ready to launch that business

you've been dreaming about?

Well, let's do this!

The ebook releases on or near April 30.

Pre-order your copy NOW for only $9.99 and get all of the bonuses!

Yearly income planner

Passive income planner

Mindset ebook


It's time to stop Googling and spending countless hours searching and getting  conflicting information.

Get all the information you need (and then some!) in my new ebook.

Are you ready to finally launch your virtual assistant business? Let's do this!

Order your copy before the April 30 launch and you'll get all of the bonuses for only $9.99!