And I'll be right be your side!

We help people just like you launch a successful virtual assistant business and become rockstars in the virtual assistant industry!  

You will learn how to start your own lucrative virtual assistant business, step-by-step.  You'll be able to see your achievements with each completed lesson - winning!

Here's how it works when you apply for Launch a Successful Virtual Assistant Business:   

There are two course sessions per year: February - April 2018 and September - November 2018 with a maximum of 20 students per session.

I don't want to just sell a course and send students on their way. I want to get to know you and work with you while you build your business. 

What students can expect:
1. extensive, hands-on, behind-the-scenes training in running a successful, professional business 

2. letters of recommendation from the course instructor, upon successful completion

3. paid internship upon course completion 

The course includes:

weekly coaching call
course workbook
private group to interact with other students
homework assessments to track progress
upon completion, placement into internship program

At the end of the internship, the student will be a marketable virtual assistant who should be able to successfully sign clients on their own or subcontract with another virtual assistant. 

The application process: 

Phase 1: Fill out the application form. Application opens on October 23, 2017 for the February 2018 session.

Phase 2:  Video interview with me. 

Phase 3: Email will be sent upon acceptance of application, along with an invoice - one-time payment of $397 or two payments of $210. Payment in full must by January 22, 2018 or the spot will be forfeited. Just want the course? No problem! The course will be available for only $97 in February 2018. No application necessary.

Phase 4: Class begins! 

Due to a high volume of communication, we will only be able to notify those who make it to phase 2 of the application process. 

These applications will be kept confidential. 


I started my VA journey just a few months ago. I remember when I first joined one of the VA groups & introduced myself, Ms. Regina was one of the first people to reach out & add me. I was SO excited to make some time to talk to her after I looked at her website and on her Facebook page, she seemed like someone who would be a great mentor for me. During our first conversation, she was AMAZING! She encourages me more than some people I’ve known for YEARS. She’s motivated me & provided me with resources to help me grow my business. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me already and I am looking forward to continuing to grow my relationship with her.
— Alisha Wilson, M&C Virtual Assistants
Regina is so empowering. She has given me the push I needed to get organized and get out there to market myself. She helped narrow down my struggles and how to overcome them.
— Yvonne Haddox, Social Media Maniac

In 2007, I started my virtual assistant business.  Actually, I started working from home purely by accident because of a babysitter nightmare that was putting my children in serious danger.  As a single parent, I've managed to run a business and take care of my boys.


So many people have helped me along the way and that's why I want to teach you all that I know when it comes to launching and running your business.  

  • Are you ready to have the freedom of running your own business on your own terms?
  • Are you tired of piecing together blog posts and other resources?
  • Are you tired of trying to figure this stuff out on your own?
  • Are you ready to learn what it takes to run a virtual assistant business?
  • Are you ready to put the work in?
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful work. I happened across your website, through a Pinterest picture and I was blown away. I love your energy, your encouragement, real words of advice and support.
— Yetunde Adelano, Virtually Connected

I'm ready if you are! So, let's do this!

Enrollment opens October 23