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How to Use Your Gifts to Serve the Kingdom

The good news is you've been blessed with gifts. The bad news is you probably aren't using those gifts to their full potential. In this presentation, learn how to discover your unique gifts and why you should spend time sharing them to serve the Kingdom. 

It's Time to Forgive Yourself - and Mean It!

Do you tear yourself up over past mistakes? Well, it's time to forgive yourself - for good this time. This presentation looks at the biblical reasons why we should extend grace to not only others but ourselves and how to put it into practice.

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October 3

Montrose Zion United Methodist Church - Akron, Ohio

August 19

Northwest Avenue Church of Christ - Tallmadge, Ohio

June 22

Legacies of Success Annual Fundraiser - Bath, Ohio

March 7, 2018

Kick-Off Meeting,

Rebuilding Together

Location: North Hill Library, Akron, OH