"I'm in just about every Facebook group there is and I feel some kind of way when I read a post about someone's success. Yea, I'm kind of happy for them but I'm too scared to do it myself."

Hey, so happy you admitted it. And I'm here to tell you there's no shame in doing it.

Listen, even the most successful online business owner out there (insert a name, any name) started at the beginning. Probably did like you did and Googled everything they could find about building an online business and sucked up every free resource out there.

What makes them so different from you?

The word is "implementation."

Those big-time online divas overcame their fears and implemented what they learned. Yep, it's hard. But you know what else is hard? Sitting on the sidelines, watching your life slide away and wondering, "What if?"

That's not a way to live, girlfriend.

So, let's change that, shall we? Below are some resources that might be helpful:

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