You go to a party and the host(ess) welcomes you: "Hey there, so glad you could make it. Can I get you anything? Let me introduce to you to so-and-so."

That's the sign of an awesome party. Makes you want to stick around and enjoy it, right?

On the flip side, you get to a party and you're greeted with a shrug, or silence. How does that make you feel? 

Community management is just like a party. A good community manager will get in your community, make themselves known, create good conversation, keep your members engaged and direct them to resources (website) that will help solve their problem. 

As Facebook pages lose reach, Facebook groups are a way to really connect with followers. Through Facebook live sessions and challenges and daily prompts, fans stay engaged and will seek out your group.

Our community management services include:

Create engaging content

Vet potential members; create screening questions, if applicable

Monitor Facebook groups to ensure fans follow posted rules

Direct new members to rules and valuable resources

Sound like something you need? Great! 



Group size: 0-500 members

$375 per month


Group size: 501-3,999 members

$1000 per month


Group size: 4,000-9,999 members

$1500 per month


Over 10,000 members - let's discuss