How to Work from Home as a Virtual Real Estate Assistant

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Learn what a real estate virtual assistant is, the things they can do to help real estate agents and the tools you should know.

The real estate world is busy and chaotic, and many agents could use help managing their clients and growing their businesses. This is where you come in! You can work from home as a real estate virtual assistant (VA), helping agents grow their business and expanding your own business in the process.

Real estate virtual assistants work from home and provide assistance with everything from phone calls to marketing. Here, we have gathered information on how to succeed as a real estate virtual assistant.

How can you help real estate agents?

A virtual assistant is the ideal person to handle marketing for real estate agents. With the Internet at their fingertips, virtual assistants can handle everything from staying in touch with clients after closing to optimizing Zillow profiles. Most people house hunt online, so agents need to be where their potential clients are. Zillow is the largest online platform for buying and selling homes, and having an agent’s profile linked to the homes they are selling is the best way to connect with potential clients for the first time. As a virtual assistant, leverage your online skills by improving your client’s Zillow profile.

Get visual

As home buyers trend towards house hunting online, high quality photos go a long way. Cultivate a relationship with a professional photographer with a good eye for staging and share those photos online. An aesthetically pleasing slideshow will be far more effective than a series of photos taken on an iPhone. Virtual assistants can take advantage of freelancer networks like Upwork to arrange for photos to be taken in the neighborhoods their clients are selling homes.

Social media help

Social media is the ideal place to meet and engage with potential clients. Find the platform that works best for your client, and dive in. Utilizing tools such as Instagram stories and Facebook live videos will give you an avenue to show a less polished, more approachable side of the real estate process. Virtual assistants should be clued-in to social media, with a finger on the pulse of what’s popular and what will resonate with clients and potential home buyers.

You are a real estate expert and that should be apparent to social media users as soon as they visit your profile. Utilize the virality of social media to share common struggles for first time homebuyers, advice for new homeowners, and recommendations for those looking to sell their homes. Share anecdotes from clients who have already gone through the experience and encourage your followers to share their experiences. This will not only increase your engagement but will improve your trustworthiness as well.

Relationship building

After what is surely a long process, agents may want to say goodbye to their client and move on. In fact, this is the perfect time to stay in touch with buyers, casually checking in every so often to see how they are settling into their new home. This not only solidifies the agent’s relationship with the client, but ensures that they will be at the top of their minds if they decide to sell their home. Virtual assistants are key in this process. They can dedicate time to connecting with the clients and fostering a good rapport.

Other things a real estate virtual assistant can do:

  • The role of a virtual assistant is to keep their clients on track with scheduling appointments, managing calendars, responding to emails and tracking personal events.

how to work from home as a real estate virtual assistant
  • Virtual assistants can also leverage their skills as administrators by helping their real estate agents gain visibility in the marketplace. For example, virtual assistants can work with their clients to establish them as an expert in the real estate world. There are so many great stories to tell about agents’ experiences in real estate that are perfect for a blog. Assistants should keep posts under 500 words, offer tips and advice and encourage discussions in the comments section. Maintain consistency with posting, whether that’s every morning or every evening, so the agent can develop a strong following.

  • If you are technologically savvy, consider posting videos of the agent giving tips, offering a mock open house, or opening themselves up to live questions from the audience. Having an online presence affords them the opportunity to have their content shared by others, which increases their visibility.

Lead generation

Virtual assistants are key in the sales arena. They should dedicate a significant portion of their work day to follow up on leads and connect with potential clients. Agents may be busy at open houses or attending closings, and virtual assistants are the reliable piece of the puzzle that keeps the process moving forward.

As a virtual assistant you should position yourself as the expert in handling a variety of projects an agent may require. Determine how you would like to be seen: are you a jack of all trades? Or a specialist? With your experience comes a price tag, and virtual assistants should not undersell themselves or their skills. As a real estate specialist, your skills will be in high demand, and you should be prepared to negotiate for a pay rate that is competitive and reflective of your experience.

As a beginner virtual assistant, you may become overwhelmed by all of the opportunities that may arise. Prevent burnout by setting an intention for how much time you want to spend working, what you envision your final products to be, and what your goals are as a virtual assistant. Then, dive in!

What can a real estate virtual assistant do? Do you need a license?

Different states have different requirements of what a real estate virtual assistant can do.  Click here to see what unlicensed assistants can do for real estate agents.

Where to find clients

Real estate agents hang out on Zillow, Realtor and LinkedIn. Start there. Come up with an email pitch that includes your services and how you can help their business. Facebook groups are another good source.

Recommended course:

Real estate for virtual assistants - my friend, Gina and the gang have put this awesome course together for anyone interested in learning more about becoming a real estate virtual assistant.

Tools to know:

Streak - a customer relationship management (CRM) system for Gmail

HubSpot CRM

Top Producer - a realtor CRM

Trello - organizational/project management tool

DocuSign - sign contracts

Magisto - make presentations

Magic Plan - make floorplans of listings

Send Out Cards - send postcards to clients - an industry go-to for the latest real estate trends

RingCentral - make and receive phone calls on behalf of clients

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