Why Your Virtual Assistant Business Needs a System

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A good system shortens the road to the goal.

-Orison Swett Marden

You love the work you do. That's why you decided to get into the virtual assistant business, right? To provide exemplary service doing what you love. It might be copywriting, general administrative work, transcription, product launches. Regardless of what type of work you do, you need a system.


The better question is: why not?

Yes, a system takes time to implement on the front end. But you'll save so much time down the road. For example, I have a system for bringing on new clients. I put all the pieces together on a Trello board - that way, I don't forget a step. It took some time initially but now the onboarding systems is seamless, saving me and my clients lots of time and frustration.

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Think back to the last vacation you took. Did you just pack your bags and roll out? Or did you take the time to make a plan - where you wanted to go, how you wanted to get there, the activities you wanted to do. That's what a system is - a plan. And part of putting together the bomb system is figuring out what tools work best for your business.

If trying to put all of these pieces together is a big, fat headache for you, then I invite you to join me at the upcoming Business Systems Virtual Summit. First off, it's free!

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There are 50 speakers who will be sharing their secrets when it comes to systems - from tools to how to launch a business to well-being.

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It's time to get off the struggle bus and get your systems in place. Join me at the Business Systems Virtual Summit. And if you want to catch the systems fever, check out this video by host Marissa Stone - love this lady! See you at the summit!

Regina Lewis