What I've Learned in Ten Years as a Virtual Assistant

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A lot changed in March 2007. I learned my friend and babysitter was putting my boys in a dangerous situation while I was at work. I learned that if you don't tell folks what's going on in your life, you may miss out on opportunities. That's how I started working from home - I told my boss and she said I could work from home. I learned that working from home was a thing. I've learned a lot. So, walk down memory lane with me and as I share:

Running an online business is hard work

Anyone who tells you that running an online business is all unicorns and frappuccino is not telling you the truth. As an online service provider, you're doing client work, you're taking care of the accounting, you're hustling for new business. I guess you could sit back and eat chocolate all day, watch a little Netflix, sip a little vino. But I bet you wouldn't have a business after too long. Some days you're gonna sweat, you're gonna be pooped. But then you land that client and you forget all about the hard stuff. It was worth it. 

Blogging is an important part of my online business

A service I provide is copywriting so I better be able to show potential clients I can write. People want to see what you can do, not just hear about it. Blogging also brings traffic to my website, folks start clicking on other things and before you know it, I'm getting an email inquiring about other services. Blogging is a lead magnet! If you're not blogging and don't have a clue about how to start, this ginormous ebook will show you the way.




Build a team as you go

As much as I would like to think I can do everything, I can't. Thank goodness for my team who are rockin' it with copywriting, social media and a boatload of other things. Growing the team from a one-person shop has been huge for me. It's given me the opportunity focus on speaking engagements and course creation, things I really love.

I actually have two speaking engagements coming up: the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Seminar and the Business Systems Virtual Summit.  I'd love to "see" you at one of both of them!

Never stop learning!

When I started out, I supported real estate agents and all was cool - until the real estate industry tanked. Talk about a shocker. I had to pivot hard and fast so I took courses to diversify my skills. That's when the light bulb went off - never stop learning. Always add to your skills. One great source is the VA Classroom. I took a class and talk about thorough. I learned how to support authors and these are skills I still use in my business. Craig Cannings has created virtual assistant gold! The bad thing about the VA Classroom is that it only opens for a short period of time - now until September 22nd. That's it. Then it closes until January 2018. 

This awesome new university features...

- An incredible and easy-to-use new learning platform to develop in-demand specialized skills

- 45+ Industry-Leading Certifications, Courses and Workshops across six popular training tracks: Social Media, Business Management, Internet Marketing, Content Development & Management, Virtual Events and Technology. 

- Monthly LIVE skill-building workshops on topics that are important to your business

- Interactive private Facebook Community that offers valuable support and coaching from experienced VA Mentors!

- A Professional Virtual Assistant Directory and Job Board

- A Tech Corner that features timely and relevant tutorials on the technology you need to know right now

- A monthly “Learning Curve” newsletter complete with valuable tips and tools for helping you grow your VA business this year

A few other tidbits I've learned over the last ten years:

I hate phone work, no matter how much you pay me.

Determining your ideal client up front is key to successful marketing.

I wouldn't give up this way of working for the world.

How long have you been a virtual assistant and what have you learned? Share in the comments.

Regina Lewis

Regina's passion is helping a new generation of virtual assistants launch their new business or take their business to the next level.  When she's not working at the local ministry, blogging or tinkering with Squarespace, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching "Downton Abbey" to the point that it irritates her boys and people-watching from her front porch.