The Best Examples of Websites from 20+ Virtual Assistant Superstars

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Hey, friend! Summer is just about over and before you know it, back-to-school time will be here. The first day of school means new beginnings for the kids but hey - adults can use a new beginning too, right? And if you’ve been on the fence about launching your brand-spankin' new website for your virtual assistant business, then September might just be the perfect time to do it.  Lots of business owners are headed back from vacation and are ready to jump feet first back into their business for that last push before the holidays get here.

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Back to the website thing: have you been marketing your business without a website and you’re ready to just do the darn thing? Good for you! Then let’s get down to it, shall we? We’ve got a bit to cover.

virtual assistant websites


When it comes to building a new website, you’ve got a few options.

The most popular option is Wordpress.

To take advantage of its full functionality, make sure to set up a website on the site - not the free version of You’ll be glad you did this - trust me.

In order to set up a Wordpress site, you’ll need to:

  • Purchase a domain - Your domain name is what visitors will type in the browser bar to find you. Most domains end in .com but .co, and .biz might be available also - sometimes cheaper than the .com version. I use NameCheap to buy domain names.

  • You’ll need a host - think of your host as the land you rent to house your website. There are various hosting companies - Siteground, Bluehost and GoDaddy are a few popular options. Make sure to do your homework before choosing a host. Pick the wrong host and you run the risk of website issues - not good.

  • You’ll need a theme. The theme is the foundation for your website. It’s what will house your content. The theme is what you can make all fancy to suit your needs. Check out Divi or Bluechic for a theme you can make your own.

If you’re totally new to Wordpress and you have no clue how to get your website off the ground, check out this free tutorial that will walk you through the Wordpress set up.


The other option I recommend is Squarespace.

I’m a Squarespace lover. One reason is it’s an all-in-one platform: the hosting is included with the theme. There are no plugins like Wordpress so you don’t have to worry about updating any. Plus, it’s very functional and customizable. You can seriously build out a Squarespace site in a weekend once you get the hang of it. Megan Minns has a free course I highly recommend if you want to use Squarespace. Access it here.

Whatever platform you decide to roll with, make sure to download this free planner to pull it all together. 


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    To all the DIY folks who need a little inspiration to get started - I've put together a list of my favorite virtual assistants who have some pretty awesome websites. Check them out and leave a comment, if you want. Here you go, my faves broken down my niche.


    M Loretta Virtual Services - my client, Marva

    Milky Way VA

    General Administrative

    M Loretta Virtual Services 


    Anywhere Admin - another Regina :)

    Social Media Management

    Jennie Lyon Virtual Assistant Services 

    Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant Services

    Brandi Williamson

    Brooke J Virtual Solutions

    Ms. Virtual Maven

    Skylark Virtual Services

    Jessica Roop

    Virtually Rebecca

    Rock Solid Virtual Assistants - Tracy and her team - read more about Rock Solid Virtual Assistants here

    Madison Fichtl  

    Super Sidekick Services - My online sister, Madelaine. I swear we were separated at birth :)

    Divine Virtual  

    Krystal Clark Creative  

    Savvy Creatives Assistants  


     Divine Virtual  

    Product Launches

    Divine Virtual  

    Pinterest Management

    Brooke J Virtual Solutions

    Ms. Virtual Maven

    Skylark Virtual Services

    Jessica Roop  

    Elizabeth Stapleton

    The Mommy Goddess

    Madison Fichtl

    Blog management

    Brandi Williamson

    The Mommy Goddess

    Charissa Moore

    Web Design/Graphic Design

    Virtually Rebecca

    Lux + Vita

    Bex Marie

    Belinda Owen

    Sara Obando

    Heather Marie VA

    Mabely Q

    In Essence Inc.

    Janice Hurlburt

    Resume Writing

    AboveAll Admin - my wonderful client, Tovey


    Top Virtu  

    Patti Haus

    Jane Oriel

    Rethink Marketing

    Virtual Services by Samantha

    Heather Marie VA

    Write Freelancer for You

    What you learned in this post - the crib notes:

    • The two popular options to build your new website

    • The definitions of domain, host, and theme

    • Access to two tutorials to build a Wordpress or Squarespace site

    • A list of 20+ virtual assistant websites to give you inspiration while you build yours :)

    Are you a virtual assistant? Do you have a website? Leave your link and niche in the comments and I'll add you to this list. Promote yourself, baby! Cheers - until next time.


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