Why You Should Use Video in Your Work from Home Job Search

Applying for work from home gigs but not getting anywhere? Give video a try! In this post, I share how to use video to your advantage in your work from home job search. #workfromhome

It sucks not doing what you want, isn’t it?

You told the world you were working from home as a virtual assistant and you haven’t signed your first client.
You’ve submitted proposal after proposal and they seem to go into a black hole.

What the heck?

If you don’t find a client soon, you’ll be forced to get a job outside of your home, taking you away from your precious family.

You’re thinking, “Maybe this whole virtual assistant thing isn’t for me, it works for others but I just don’t have what it takes.”


“I knew this work from home thing was a scam. Nobody makes money working from home. And this just proves it because I haven’t found a job yet.”

Don’t believe it, friend.

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The thing is, you aren’t the only one looking for a work from home gig.

Whenever I have had to recruit someone for a virtual gig, my inbox is inundated with proposals.

Some good.

Some…not so much.

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Here’s a way you can stand out over all the others:

Use video in your proposal.

What are the benefits of using video when applying for a work from home gig or submitting a proposal?

The recruiter gets to know you.

You can send a resume, and a cover letter or a proposal.

It can say all the things you do or offer.

But there’s more to you than your skills. And it’s called personality.

And a client or employer wants to get to know your personality just as much as your skills.

A video can show a client the real you and give life to those words in your resume.

You’re showing how much you want to work with them.

The majority of folks who send a resume or proposal do just that - send a resume or proposal. Not even a cover letter or any type of introduction.

Recording a video shows a recruiter you are really interested in the position.

It takes time to record a video - not much, mind you - but taking the extra step to record a video and attach it to your proposal/resume shows interest and initiative. And that will make you stand out.

You can track when the recipient opens it.

This one’s really cool — if you use a recording service like Loom, you can track when the recipient opens your video. How cool is that? No more wondering if your resume or proposal was viewed.

If you want to see a sample video to send with your next resume or proposal, just click here.

Was this helpful? Try sending a video next time you send a resume or proposal and let me know how it goes.

Until next time!

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