The Most Popular Tools for Virtual Assistants

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In this three part series, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular tools virtual assistants use in their business. Let’s learn!

The right tools make your job as a virtual assistant a whole lot easier.

Not everyone is going to use or need the same tools. Let’s think about the construction industry for a second.

Construction is a big, broad topic. But within that big area are niches: carpentry, bricklaying, roofers and many more.

And they all use different tools to get the job done and reach the same goal: provide virtual services to business owners.

The same thing with folks working from home as virtual assistants.  One virtual assistant might be the queen (or king) of bookkeeping and use Quickbooks or Freshbooks where another virtual service provider might use Canva or Pic Monkey to create mind-blowing graphics.

Part 1 of a three-part series on favorite tools of virtual assistants.

I recently asked a group of awesome virtual assistants what tools they use to get ‘er done in their virtual assistant business. Some tools I even use myself and a few I had never heard of before. That part was really exciting for me - to try out new tools.

Because really, to make it as a virtual assistant, you’ve gotta embrace new things and be willing to try tools that you may have never even thought of. Your client’s satisfaction is paramount to the success of your business. Don’t you want to give your client the best you can give?

So let’s dive into the tools my terrific virtual assistant friends shared, okay? Let’s go!


What is it?

Running a virtual assistant business and managing client work takes a lot of moving parts. I used to use Post-its (lots of them!) to keep track of all of those pieces. Now Trello has replaced those pesky Post-its. The Trello board (visualize a large cork board) houses the cards (the cards are your now-discarded Post-its). Cards can be shifted around as you need to. Not only can you track your own stuff but you can share Trello boards with team members and clients. For example, if you’re designing a website for a client, map out the process on a Trello board with deadlines and the client can track your progress.

You can use Trello to track your onboarding process and you’re more than welcome to grab my Trello board to use in your business. Just sign up below.

Trello Board - Onboarding Clients

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Totally free so you don’t have anything to lose. There is an option to get a few more functions with Trello Gold but if you’re just starting out, the free option is more than enough to get going.

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Here’s a tutorial to help you set up your first Trello board.


What is it?

Clear up all that stuff on your hard drive - images you make for clients, for example - and store and share on Dropbox. And if you share a file on Dropbox, you’ll be able to access it across multiple devices (through the app) - you can work on the go! Plus you can share files with folks, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account! Dropbox integrates with other applications, like Slack, meaning it makes it all that much easier to share data. Whoo hoo! Dropbox has a business option as well as an option for individuals.

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Get started with Dropbox and check out the tutorial below.


What is it?

Speaking of Slack, you’ll want to get to know this little baby. Remember the days of emailing back and forth with clients? No more if you’ve got Slack! And if you’ve got a team of virtual assistants, this little puppy is perfect for communicating with them. You can organize conversations by topics (known as channels) and can even do a search. Slack - know it, use it.

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Take Slack for a test-drive and watch the demo.


What is it?

Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that makes even the most amateur wannabe feel like a rockstar designer. Design just about anything: social media graphics, logos, resumes, workbooks and a whole lot more. Canva is free to use but if you upgrade to Canva Work (highly recommended if you’re working as a virtual assistant), you’ll get other features including sharing designs and the ability to upload brand fonts.

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Watch these Canva tutorials and start designing in no time.


What is it?

ConvertKit is an email platform that makes communicating with your email subscribers a breeze. There’s a whole lot you can do with ConvertKit: create these little nifty things called tags and segments, welcome new email subscribers through a well-crafted sequence and a whole lot more. If you learn how to use this, you’ll make some business owner really happy!

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Try ConvertKit, on me, for 30 days. Click here for your free trial. And check out these YouTube videos that will walk you through the whole set-up process, as well stories of real ConvertKit users.

That’s it for now but check back for part two of this series. And let me know in the comments if you have a favorite tool that keeps your virtual assistant business running. I’m all about learning, baby!

Until next time,