When Are You Going to Stop Dreaming About Working from Home and Finally Do Something About It?

There are about 30 days left in 2018.

You’re either going to look back on it, do a fist bump and think you nailed it. Or you’ll say to yourself, “Another year gone and I’m no closer to my goal then I was at the beginning of the year.”

Countdown to 2019 - did you realize your work from home dream in 2018? Or are you disappointed yet again because you didn’t make it happen? Dry those tears and let’s get ready to finally work from home in the new year. This post has free resources to get you on your way. #workfromhome #newyear


Maybe you took a course this year (or several) that promised the moon, that after you finished it, you’d be well on your way to a 6-figure income by only working 3 hours per week.

Or maybe a “guru” told you that in order to make your dream of working from home come true, you should spend countless hours clipping pics of beautiful beaches, smiling faces and frothy, steaming hot caffeinated drinks and make it into a vision board.

Or just maybe that new planner you saw in your Facebook feed - you know, the one with all the bells, whistles, stickers, glittery pens and what not - was that missing piece of the puzzle of why you didn’t make the whole work from home thing happen this year. But midway through the year (heck, let’s say by March) you can’t even remember where you put the darn think, let alone write anything in it.

Yeah, girlfriend. You had the best of intentions. But intentions didn’t pay your bills, did they?

There’s a time to dream.

There’s a time to plan.

There’s a time to implement the plan.

Vision boards are cool but when are you going to stop staring at it and move to the next step? Your time is way more valuable than scouring magazines for glossy pictures of how you want your life to be.

Okay, so now you can stop crying, pouting, beating yourself up or whatever it is you’re doing. It’s done. Don’t look back because there’s nothing back there but broken promises, half-hearted attempts and lies to yourself as to why working from home didn’t happen for you.

And you don’t want to keep looking at that, do you?

So, let’s talk about how we’re gonna do things differently. And guess what? You don’t have to wait until the ball drops in New York’s Time Square to make a change. You can (and should) start right now. Pronto. ASAP. Stat.

What excuses did you make this year that kept you from reaching your work from home goal?

“I didn’t have the money to take a course. I’m barely making ends meet as it is.”

Okay, fair enough. When you’ve gotta make a choice between paying the rent and buying a course, rent will win out every time. As it should. But don’t let that hold you back. There are loads of free courses out there to help. Start with free and upgrade to the paid version when you start making money. Start where you are and work up. And don’t feel guilty about it.

“But who’s gonna hire me? I’m just a nobody/stay at home mom/insert anything else you’d like.”

Time to fix your mindset, baby. You are way more than what you might think you are. I’ll tell you this much - if you believe you can’t do it, guess what? You won’t. And I know that’s not what you want for yourself. So take some time to figure out what’s standing in your way and why you feel the way you do. Working from home is not the solution to your mindset problem. It won’t go away. Feel free to check out this ebook for encouragement and tips on how to get over that negative mindset. You owe it to yourself.

“My spouse/partner doesn’t think this work from home thing is real.”

Oh honey, it’s real. And it’s growing by the minute. The person who isn’t at the work from home party is you.  And if you need some inspiration, look no further than yours truly who started way back in 2007 and homeschooled as a single parent while building a virtual assistant business. So yes, it’s real.

“I’m scared.”

Boo, I know you are. You’ve been burned before. Everyone’s telling you so many different things and it’s causing you to do absolutely nothing. Fear has stopped you in your tracks. Got it. Now, what do we do about it? Do you stay paralyzed with fear and achieve nothing? Or do you deal with those fears, put them to bed and start on the path to a life that suits you? Your choice.


Allow yourself to dream.

Make an actionable plan.

And then implement the heck out of that plan.

I have faith in you.

Until next time,

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