5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Business

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Social media is way more than a tool to keep up with faraway family and checking up on old high school friends.  I'll be honest here - I didn't come onto the social media scene until 2009 when my grandmother, who lived 400 miles away, became ill.  My mom used Facebook as a tool to keep relatives updated on her progress and Grandma really liked looking at pictures of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  I was the last holdout:  "I'm not gettin' on Facebook! Forget that!"  Only when my mom threatened to not send me any more emails about Grandma did I finally give in.

It's funny how life works:  signing up for a Facebook account led me to a social media client where I wrote content and moderated multiple Facebook accounts. That led to more clients and I found out I actually liked this social media thing.

Social media is way more than just keeping up with your old high school buddies. These days it's used for a whole lot more, like gathering customer information, sharing and reviewing products, etc. It's no longer a secret that social media is being used by businesses, nonprofits and bloggers of every size and for very good reasons.  Business can extremely profit from using social media and the biggest reason for this is that it can help businesses grow.  Are you ready to learn the benefits of using social media for your business?  Then keep on reading!

You Can Reach The Right People

It's impossible for a business to reach everyone but when it comes to social media you have the possibility to reach much more than you would without it and most importantly it enables you to reach the right audience. Reaching this audience will undoubtedly work wonders for your business.

Gives You a Unique Voice

When you have a very strong presence on social media it naturally creates a unique voice for you. With your business having a unique voice it allows you to engage with your audience and they are sure to appreciate your content more than ever. Having a bland presence will do nothing for a business.  If anything it'll make engaging with your customers hard.


When you promote your business on social media it draws in new and returning customers. This provides a new outlet for sales and deals, making them exclusively available through your social media, which in turn can generate a buzz around your business. There are countless numbers of people on different social media platforms so it's good to reach out to them and give them some value.

Business to Business

Reaching customers is crucial to growing your business but beyond that, social media gives businesses opportunity to engage with each other.  Sales, relationships, and collaborations are formed and can allow for businesses to engage with one another which will allow professionals to build relationships and enable you to discover other avenues to explore.

Great Customer Service

Having awesome customer service should always be a top priority for any business. When it comes to the two-way communication that social media allows, it offers businesses the unique opportunity to step up their customer service game by being personal and giving the chance to provide instant gratification to your audience. This allows you to show how much you care about providing an amazing experience to your customers and that certainly will bring in new customers.  Who doesn't like that?

These are just a few ways social media can help to grow your business.  If you don't use social media already, hopefully this helped you realize just how crucial social media is to your business. If you know of any others please share!  And if you need some help with your social media presence -- hey, I'd love to talk!