The Two Biggest Lies About Side Hustling You Shouldn't Believe (Plus Free Resources to Make 2019 Awesome)

Two of the biggest lies about side hustling out there that you shouldn’t believe. #sidehustle

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Between the hours of 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, I’m a volunteer coordinator at a ministry, where I get to work with some pretty awesome kids and I talk to folks with a heart for serving them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think at this stage of my life that I would be working for a neighborhood nonprofit.

This job is the hardest I’ve ever had in my 30+ year working career.

Ministry is hard. And ministry ain’t pretty. I hear things from our families that would make the hardest person break out in tears. And I take those raw emotions home many nights.

But it’s rewarding.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Really.

But when I’m not working at my full-time gig, I’m working on my business - this blog. Yes, blogging is a business. Blogging is not just some random stuff that you write about on a whim (well, it shouldn’t be).

If I’m so happy at my full-time job, why in the heck do I blog on the side?

Because I like doing both.

Pure and simple.

If you let other people tell it, I need to pick one and stick with it. But I’ve always been pretty hard-headed so - nope.

And I’ve talked to other people like myself who are doing the same thing: working in a job they truly enjoy and working a side hustle, like blogging or direct sales.

But can you really do both and be happy?

You betcha!

Let’s talk about some of the outright lies you might hear about side hustling and put them to rest, ok?

You’re only working your side hustle to turn it into your main gig


Some people are working their side hustle to get out of a crappy job, for sure. If your main job is causing you stress and tears, it might be time to look at making your side hustle your main source of income.


There are lots of people like me who are perfectly happy with their 9-to-5 and have no intentions of leaving it.

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    You just might need a creative outlet outside of your job. Maybe you’re one of those people who needs to be busy all the time and your side hustle fills some down time.

    Whatever your reason, it’s totally okay to be in love with both.

    And just because you love your main gig doesn’t mean...

    You’re not taking your side hustle seriously

    This one ticks me off.

    Not taking it seriously? Why? Because I’m not making comments in Facebook groups 24/7? Because I have weird office hours to speak with potential clients that don’t fit the norm?

    Oh no, sweetie. I am taking my business seriously.

    What I am doing is using my time wisely and only taking on activities that will help my business. Not wasting time on stuff that doesn’t fit my mission and purpose.

    Not taking it seriously? Please!

    Tell me that at 5:30am when I’m reading and responding to emails, making tweaks to my website and scheduling pins, researching blog post ideas, creating new content for readers. Many side hustlers are using their main source of income to invest in their business, by taking courses, upgrading their websites and taking on coaches.

    You see, when you’re running a business, your focus should be on your readers/clients/customers. Whatever you do should improve their situation.

    And because my focus is on whether my readers are getting the content they’re asking for and not if I’m the leader in the latest blog challenge, that might make me the odd man out.

    But so what?

    It doesn’t mean I don’t care about my business and that I don’t take it seriously. Not at all. I’m comfortable with where I am and if more is in store for me and my business, that’s great.

    But don’t tell me I don’t take it seriously.

    So not true. Give me a virtual high-five if you’re in the same boat.

    Thanks so much for letting me get that off my chest :)

    how to side hustle

    Are you side hustling and juggling your main gig? Tell me about it in the comments. And if you want to learn more about how to side hustle like a boss, Kristin Larsen’s Side Hustle to Success course is totally worth it.

    Until next time!