How to Manage a Successful Product Launch

I always suggest this to new virtual assistants: find a niche.  And right now, there's no bigger niche than supporting course creators.

A product launch is a huge undertaking. In order to do it right, it can be exhausting and overwhelming. Much of the work is completed during the pre-launch phase. To make it a successful campaign, this is where a virtual assistant comes in. You'll not only take a huge load off the course creator’s shoulders, but you’ll also give them the time to focus on the income-generating tasks.

There are many moving parts to a launch. Here are a few ways you can help a course creator launch their next successful course.

Pre-Launch Phase

Create sales pages on their website or social media platforms. This includes writing content and creating graphics specific to each site.

Create and/or update the online store. Whether they are launching a service or a product they want the online store to be easy to use, look professional, and be appealing to their ideal customers.

Set up all email campaigns. Create a buzz by sending weekly emails before the product even launches. These campaigns need to be designed and tested. This will ensure a smooth and simple buying experience for the customer.

Write blog posts. Write a series of blog posts sharing all the benefits of how the product or service will help them. These need to be scheduled for publication on the website or social media platforms weekly, both before and during the launch.

Proofread content. This can include grammar checks, readability, and SEO or search engine optimization. You do not want the customer’s first impression tainted with grammar errors or misspelled words.

Time for the Launch!

Market on social media. This is a fun and relevant way to keep the launch buzz going. Share positive comments about the product. Remind people of how much time is left before the special sale is over. You can not only create social media posts with graphics and content but can create a calendar so the social media marketing strategy works like clockwork.

Help with email support. Regardless of how smooth the launch is there will inevitably be questions and problems. Be there to field all those questions and comments appropriately and professionally.


Although the successful launch is now over, there are still tasks that need to be managed.  Here are some things you can do after it's all over:

Create and send follow-up emails. Continue to grow the customer base. Email newsletters are the perfect tool to keep in touch with customers.

Create and schedule social media posts. Keep that buzz going, even after the launch. Share more testimonies and positive comments from customers or showcase a specific product once a week or once a month.

I've got a handy-dandy checklist you can use with your next client. It spells out all of the steps leading up to a successful launch. Just sign up below!

Course Launch Checklist

A step-by-step checklist of everything you need to do for a successful course launch

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