Guest Post: Tips on How to Create A Resume that Will Get You Hired

I’m thrilled to have Tovey Blake from Above All Admin with us today. I’ve been blessed to know Tovey not only as a client but a true friend. It’s been a joy to see her grow professionally and I can’t think of a better person to share how you can set yourself apart during your job search.

Tovey of Above All Admin

Read Tovey’s tips about how to create an awesome resume, check out her business and make sure to download her free gift at the end of this post.

How did your business come about and tell us about your services.

I started my business in March 2015, I was trying to find a way supplement my full-time income, but didn’t want to have to go physically from one job to the next, so I thought just posting an ad on Kiiji to offer resume writing services, but I felt God putting on my heart to do more, so next thing you know I was applying for my business license.

I have two business streams: Business & HR Solutions.

For HR Solutions, I partner with career seekers virtually to provide HR marketing tools/support such as cover letters, resumes, interview coaching, and LinkedIn optimization.

For Business Solutions, I collaborate with business owners and entrepreneurs to provide

general administration, event & meeting planning coordination, and project management support.

Why is a well-crafted resume so important in your job search?

You have less than 10 seconds to make a memorable first impression with a potential employer/recruiter.

Let’s say you’ve been out of the workforce for a while and your skills are outdated. How do you reflect that on your resume?

I believe that once a proficiency is acquired, it is never outdated. It really comes down to your level of expertise. When I say expertise, I mean that with the knowledge you have, you would have the ability to execute the skill(s) between 80-85% of the time independently and/or would be able to do so with retraining.

Want to learn some insider tips about what goes into a resume that will get you hired? Learn more from an industry insider on what you should include, mistakes to avoid and grab a free thank you letter template to round out the interview process.

What are some insider tips you can share with readers? Things that will make a resume stand out, mistakes to avoid, etc.?

As crazy it may sound, I have a lot of people ask me to exaggerate their qualifications on their resume or blatantly lie. I encourage clients to be 100% forthcoming for 2 reasons :1) if you make it far into the interview process based on a fabrication, the employer may test you on this particular skill in order to make a final hiring decision. 2) (the most important) -

I believe wholeheartedly in sowing and reaping and you cannot expect to produce good fruit (results) if your foundation is not rooted in integrity.

I’ve read about using keywords in your resume. What is that exactly?

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is what has driven the use of keywords in the last few words when employers are in the recruitment process. It is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs by filtering application submissions base on key qualifications such as keywords, skills, education, certifications et al.

For my techies out there, the process is similar to Search Engine Optimization - when a business is trying to boost visitors to their website and their search engine ranking.

Do you have favorite tools you use in your business? What are they and how do they make your work easier?

Before I even start writing the resume, I research everything I can related to positions (past, present, potential), related job advertisements, skills inventory, et al - for for that I start by searching words and/or phrases in Google. Once I start writing the resume Merriam Webster and the Thesaurus in Word.

Anything else you’d like to share?

You do not need to have 100% of the qualifications for a job to apply, never be intimidated, the best things that usually ever happen to us is when have faith and are willing to take chances.

Thank you so much, Tovey!

Something Tovey shared with me: many job applicants neglect sending a thank you letter after the interview is over. I can personally attest to this — I’ve signed clients just by doing this alone. If you’re stuck on what to say in your thank you letter, Tovey’s been kind enough to create a template you can use in your search.

According to her, “This one of the marketing tools that I feel is overlooked by career seekers when trying to secure a position once the interview has concluded.”

Make sure to check out Tovey’s business and download your thank you letter template below.

Thank you letter template

Want to follow up the right way with a potential employer or client? Download the thank you letter template, courtesy of Above All Admin.

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