5 Ways Moms Can Make Money Working from Home

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It’s winter which means the kiddos are at home for holiday break. Unless you homeschool and you probably never really stop, do you? And if you’re a stay at home mom, first let me say, “God bless you!” It takes a super woman to hold down the fort. You go, girl!


You might want to do something else besides take care of your household and kids. I know a few stay at home moms who have second guessed their decision. Not so much the raising the kids/taking care of the house and spouse part - but more so not having something for themselves.

And we’re not really talking money here.

We’re talking about self-worth through paid work.

There’s something about getting a paycheck with your name on it to make you feel some kind of way.

It doesn’t diminish the joy of seeing your kids grow up to be fine young men and women. It doesn’t mean you love your spouse any less.

It just means you love yourself, too.

So let’s push the guilt out of the way, okay?

But I totally understand the guilt thing. Really.

If you’re ready to balance the rigors of running a household as well as work from home, you’re in good company because I know a whole lot of mamas who are doing just that. Shoot, I was one before I started working at the ministry.

Check out some tips to make your transition from stay at home to work from home mom a smooth one.

I’m going to share the side hustles that I’ve done personally to make money working from home. Are you ready to dig in? Good! Let’s do it!

Hey stay at home moms: you CAN make extra money working from home and help your household. This post shares five of my top favorite options to make money for the busy stay at home mom. #workfromhome #sahm

Virtual assistant

The one that’s near and dear to my heart - virtual assistant.

Pros: You can pretty much provide any type of service to clients: social media management, customer service, web design - the list is truly endless. Find what you’re good at and start marketing yourself. And if you choose a service that’s pretty flexible, you can definitely work it around your family commitments - think, web design, social media management, that kind of thing. Not phone work. Tried that. It wasn’t pretty. Click here for 150 things you can do as a virtual assistant.

Cons: You’ve gotta be comfortable with tooting your own horn to get out there and market your services. The market is pretty full now compared to when I started in 2007. This makes it a bit tougher to get out in front and snag clients and I’ve seen potential VA’s get discouraged. Just know there’s enough work for everyone! And here’s a list of 15 virtual assistant companies to get you started.

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    Freelance writer

    Do you have a way with words, mama? Many online business owners need some type of copy - website, blog posts, marketing materials - anything that can be used to promote their business.

    Pros: If you can string words together to make folks look good, you’ll have more work than you can shake a stick at. Plan your day accordingly and complete projects while the kids are sleeping. The variety of projects can vary. Pick a niche and become known as the go-to writer in the online space.

    Cons: Determine your rates early on or you run the risk of not getting paid what you’re worth. It’ll suck if you get paid pennies for all of your hard work.

    Make sure to read my post about how to find work as a copywriter.

    How to Make Money Working from Home as a Copywriter

    Live Chat

    Do you have a helpful nature and pretty decent typing speed? Consider live chat to make some extra money.

    Pros: Can be pretty flexible and big plus - no phone work! The person on the other end of your keyboard couldn’t care less about your barking dog.

    Cons: Word of caution: some live chat jobs don’t pay very well. But if you’re looking to just make some money on the side and to pay a bill here and there, you should be okay. Because of the low level of skill needed and the fact that many chat jobs have flexible hours, competition can be fierce.

    Here are a few live chat gigs:




    Do you have a passion? Some type of expertise you want to share with the world? Start a blog, why don’t you?

    Pros:  Yes, there are a gazillion blogs out there. But are there’s only on you. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of blogs. Come up with topics that show the true you and start writing.

    Cons: Starting a blog takes more than just writing interesting stuff. To be a successful blogger, you’ll need to think of your blog as a biz. You’ll need to make an investment at some point in a blogging platform and a few tools. And it does take a while to see a return on your investment. But keep at it!

    Grab your free guide that will walk you through setting up your blog, step-by-step.

    And last but not least:

    Search Engine Evaluator

    What the heck is a search engine evaluator? Let me explain it this way: you know how we use search engines to find answers? For example, we’ll go to Google and type, “how to bake a chocolate cake” and come up with lots of results. A search engine evaluator determines if the results of our searches are relevant to what we searched for. A for a blogger like me, knowing what folks are searching for really helps.

    Pros: The pay is pretty decent for what you’re doing. And no phone work. If you like doing research-type work, this may be a good option for you.

    Cons: Many companies require you to track your time, submit an invoice and get paid once per month. Also, if you work for one search engine evaluator company, you can’t work for another. Plus, you’ve got to really concentrate to make this work and track your time accurately. Best to do this type of work when the kiddos are in school or asleep :)

    Companies that usually hire search engine evaluators are:



    If you’re confused about this whole side hustle thing, Kristin Larsen has a really cool course to help you understand it and to point you in the right direction to get started.

    Hope this helps! Let me know how you get on. Until next time!

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