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The virtual assistant industry continues to grow and that’s a good thing. I love chatting with other business owners to see how they are making the whole work from home thing work for them, how they got started and what the future holds for their business. So, I was thrilled to interview Essynce Virtual Assistants. Read on to learn more about this unique business.

Thanks so much for stopping by to chat! How did Essynce Virtual Assistants come about?

Essynce Virtual Assistants came about because we (founder, Starr Barrett) and my daughter, Essynce Moore are entrepreneurs and wanted to provide a service that can assist other entrepreneurs and small businesses with their day to day tasks.  We understand how challenging it is to run a business when you have no staff or a small staff and wanted to provide people with another outlet that allows them to still handle their business needs professionally.

I absolutely love this, especially that you work alongside your teenage daughter. Teach them young! There are a slew of virtual assistant companies now - which is a good thing. What makes your company stand out?

Our Executive Team is in the top of their game on what they do, our customer service is extraordinary, our VP of Youth Development is 16 years-old that can assist other children with starting their own business, and we CARE about our clients and their business.  Although, that may sound simple, it’s not just about the money for us… we want to help our clients WIN!

Essynce Virtual Assistants

Describe your typical client. Do you provide services to a certain industry?

We cater to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What services do your clients request the most? And what screening process do you use with potential clients?

Our clients request our administrative and marketing services the most.  We have a consultation with our clients to make sure we’re the right fit.  If so, we proceed with a contract to get started.

Many virtual assistants like to start out working under another virtual assistant. What does an applicant need to bring to the table to be a successful subcontractor?

In order to be a great applicant, an applicant must bring to the table:  an accepted background check by the Executive Team, extraordinary customer service, impeccable skill sets, professionalism, and be trainable.

Meet the mother-daughter duo behind the virtual assistant company, Essynce Virtual Assistants.

What are some tips you can give someone interested in subcontracting?

I would suggest going for it.  Believe in yourself. Pitch yourself. Always remain professional. Stand out from the rest with your approach.

What are some changes you’ve seen in your business and in the virtual assistant industry as a whole?

We’re always changing as a business, so we can continue to grow.  Our Executive Team is always coming up with new and refreshed strategies to keep us moving forward.  I’ve noticed that many people prefer Virtual Assistants in other countries because sometimes their price is lower. However they should remember:  quality over quantity.

How large is your team currently? What does the future hold for Essynce Virtual Assistants?

We have our Executive Team which is 5 of us and are currently expanding our EVA independent contractors.

Do you have favorite tools you use in your business? What are they and how do they make your work easier?

Although there are many out there, my favorite tool will always be Microsoft Office.  Unless, someone comes along and knocks them out the box, of course.

Running a business can be all-consuming. What do you do to unwind?

Essynce and I always plan for “us” time.  We travel, go to the spa, shop, etc. You can’t work and not enjoy life.  However, we also both understand that we work hard now, so that we don’t have to within 6 months to a year.  It doesn’t hurt that we can handle our business “virtually.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

Sure, business owners have to realize that they can’t do it all.  Things eventually start slipping through the crack and then nothing gets done.  Get a team to help alleviate some of your stresses. This will allow you to work “on” your business rather than “in” your business.

Thanks so much for sharing about your company as well as how virtual assistants can be assets to business owners. Good stuff! Best wishes to you and your daughter.

If you want to learn more about Essynce Virtual Assistants and to learn more about becoming a part of their virtual assistant team, please visit their website.

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