A Letter to the Mamas Who Want to Work from Home

Okay, there’s some mama out there who needs to hear this message today.

This isn’t an educational post about working from home or how to start a virtual assistant business. You can find plenty of those here. It’s about believing in yourself.

It’s about knowing your worth and truly believing you are capable of making the work from home lifestyle work for you.

Your way may not look like the “guru” who’s always up in your inbox. But that’s okay. That’s the beauty of designing your own business - notice I said “designing”. Doesn’t that sound way really creative and out-of-the-box? Designing invokes images of putting your own personal spin on things and making your business look like, well…you.

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    I started working as a virtual assistant in 2007 and I quickly found out that working from home isn’t all glamorous.

    It’s downright hard. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    I believed folks who talked about grabbing their laptop and whisking away to some tropical place, producing client work all while sipping a Mai Tais by the beach.

    While this mama toiled away in the corner of her living room into the late hours of the night, homeschooling four really active boys all while sipping my drink of choice - Tang - on a typical snowy, cloudy northeast Ohio day.

    But I pushed through. I wanted it to work for me. I needed it to work for me. And once I believed in my abilities and stopped drooling after that person’s way of life, my confidence shot up.

    I needed it to work because I had no other option. I had hit the end of the road — as a single mom with no support, my business had to support us.

    And through a lot of hard work and even more prayer, it did.

    Most people fail at this business because:

    • They don’t have anyone in their corner to cheer them on.

    • They think they know what they’re doing and they really don’t

    Listen, you can learn all the things it takes to start a business or how to find a work from home job. That’s just fine.

    But a big part of succeeding in this work from home world revolves around your mindset.

    Are you going to believe that well-meaning-but-misinformed friend or relative: “You can’t make money like that. Go get a real job!”

    Or are you going to take an honest, hard look at where you are now and take the changes necessary to make the work from home lifestyle work for you?

    Totally up to you.

    So, listen up:

    To the mama sitting in traffic, staring at an endless sea of brake lights and panicking because she’s not gonna make it to daycare before 6pm.

    To the mama who sat through some mind-numbing meeting and missed her child’s play/game/recital/etc.

    To all you mamas who want to forget the so-called failures of 2018, don’t beat yourself up. Show yourself some grace.

    To the mama raising her kids alone and still managed to make a gourmet meal out of very little.

    To the mama with children who have grown up and moved out, now left wondering what to do outside of mamahood.

    I feel you.

    I’m praying for you, girlfriend.

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