The VA 101 Membership is Open!

Learn how to become a virtual assistant.

Every March I take a look back at how I began my virtual assistant journey. March is the month I launched my virtual assistant business - not because I had some grand notion of being a business owner.

And what a journey it’s been!

- Launched my business because my babysitter/friend was leaving my boys alone to get high

- Started as real estate virtual assistant, transitioned to social media management, copy writing and now blogger/coach/course creator

- In less than 3 months, had 10 clients and was making more than my previous full-time job

- Single mom, no child support and raising 3 boys while homeschooling and working my business

- Grinded for several years before burning out and firing all clients except a few

- Had to truly believe I could run a business and fight through some really junky mindset issues

We all have a story.

We all have dreams.

It’s time to turn your story into action and your dreams into reality.

And my story has led me to where I am right now, this brand new project I’m ready to share with you:

The VA 101 Membership.

The VA 101 Membership was born out of meeting a need for folks who want to become virtual assistants but might find themselves short of resources or suffering from a mindset that is keeping you from becoming a successful virtual assistant.

Here’s what becoming a member looks like:

Private Facebook Group - you'll get to hang out with other virtual assistants, supporting each other and celebrating your wins. Plus, I'll go live each week with updates and trainings to help you in your journey.

Ask Me Anything - connect with me on Facebook Messenger - Stuck on something? Send me your questions through Facebook Messenger and I'll answer them!

Accountability Threads in the private Facebook Group - To make sure you get the most out of the mastermind, we'll have weekly accountability threads to keep you on track.

Live Group Call Every Month on Zoom - Let's get together and chat about what's happening and connect with others in the group.

Exclusive Training and Resources - Want to learn all you can about becoming a virtual assistant? You'll get access to resources, swipe files, workbooks, action plans and video trainings. A new training will arrive each month.

Guest Experts - Mingle and learn from folks who care about your business and want to see you succeed. Every month, we'll learn something new from a guest expert.

Blog Posts, Social Media Graphics and Updates - You’ll get access to blog posts, social media graphics and content you can share on social media.  

Let me say this: just because a course is affordable doesn’t mean there’s no value.

I’ve done a lot of praying and numbers-crunching while putting this project together. But I’ve listened to many of you, those who have said you want to work from home -- you need to work from home -- but you just can’t swing a course that costs more than your mortgage.

I got you.

Start where you are. Grow as you go.

If you’re ready to become a virtual assistant and need an affordable price to learn the ropes, and you’re tired of piecing resources together and just want it all in one place -

I invite you to take a sneak peek into the VA 101 Membership and sign up.

Enrollment is open now, will close March 16th and won’t reopen until September 2019 so get in now.

I’ll see you in the membership!