Learn the 9 Things You Need to Do to Work from Home

With two boys playing high school basketball, weekends around my house can get a bit busy. So I was thrilled when there was no practice this weekend and we got to have some downtime before the season starts in earnest. We could have (and really should have) spent the free time giving the house a good clean before the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead we did the household tasks that were absolutely necessary and spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out.

There are nine steps you need to take to work from home as a virtual assistant. Find out how you can get up and running quickly and get on the waitlist for the new course.

Fall brings out the nostalgia in me, when I think back to our days of homeschooling and other changes. So when one of my teenage boys told me Saturday night he was in the mood for Christmas and wanted to watch Hallmark movies, my mind immediately went back to the image of this now-almost-16-year-old to when he was four, clutching an Optimus Prime toy when we made the 400 mile move to our new home.

On the couch he sat, this 6-foot man/child, now clutching a cup of cocoa instead of a plushy toy, watching Hallmark movies on a Saturday night.

And I thought about how far we, as a family, have come. The road hasn’t always been easy. There have been lots of times when I wanted to cry and did.

But as I recorded audio for my new course this weekend, I smiled because it took me back to when I started working from home: when I juggled client work with homeschooling, shushing the kids when I had a client meeting, putting a meal in the crockpot before the day started.

When I started working from home because of a bad babysitting issue, I didn’t think I could make it work. How could a single mom with only a high school education do this?

Well, I didn’t give myself credit. And I did manage to make it work. I Googled a whole lot in the beginning because I didn’t have the resources to invest in courses, I pieced together what worked and threw out what didn’t. And I prayed endlessly. There was no way I was putting the boys back in daycare. I had to make this virtual assistant thing work.

I’ve received lots of emails from subscribers who say they just want to work from home and take care of their family. But:

  • their family and friends think working from home is a pipe dream and don’t support it

  • they don’t have a clue where to start but the desire to work from home as a virtual assistant is real

  • they’re confused by all the so-called steps they “should” take to launch their virtual assistant business - they need to make money as soon as possible

Yep - get it.

When you’ve got a mortgage payment staring you in the face and bank account balance that won’t cover it, you don’t have the luxury of dragging out your virtual assistant business launch. You’ve got to get up and running - now.

So, I took a walk down memory lane and remembered the things I did to get started. And it came down to 9 necessary steps to get up and running. Only nine.

That’s what my new course is all about. I’m sharing those nine steps on how to get started as a virtual assistant quickly. I’m sharing lots of bonus training and other materials. But more than that, I will show you that it can be done.

As I recorded one of the modules last night, I had to stop because I began to tear up. I thought back to that small apartment with my “office” crammed into the corner of the living room with absolutely no space to take a client call properly. That’s what the walk-in closet was for.

But guess what? I was happy to be working from home, doing my thing. So that little desk didn’t matter.

And even though my circumstances have changed, some haven’t: I still have to tell the boys to be quiet while I’m recording, even though we’re now in a three bedroom house and not a 900 square foot apartment.

Let me say this: your circumstances can change. Whether you’ve got the support of your friends and family or not, whether you are one paycheck away from the streets or you’ve never completed your formal education. Your circumstances can change - if you want it and put in the work.

You may have been disappointed before and you’ve got to see that you can do this to keep your spirits up.

Can you commit to doing nine things to launch your virtual assistant business?

Can you do nine things that will bring about a change to your home?

If you can, get a sneak peek of the course: How to Become a Virtual Assistant in 9 Easy Steps.

And I’ll see you there.