How to Turn Your Funky Past Into a Profitable Business

My life has been messy - full of dysfunction, abuse and a lot of other foolishness. But you know what? By most standards, I shouldn't be where I am today - business coach, volunteer coordinator, mom, grandma, happy, content.

My past doesn't define me.  And your past doesn't define who you are.

In fact, the past has made me stronger.

Those things are the reasons I've been able to build my brand. A lot of folks picked their word for this year. My word or mantra is authenticity.

I pray that you haven't had to go through tragedy in your life but the reality is, many of us have.

It's what we choose to do with that tragedy and those obstacles that make all the difference in the world. I know a lot of folks who are just frozen in moving forward in their business because of their past. 

So, in my new masterclass, we're going to tackle that - how to turn your unique story into a profitable business. Because here's the deal - you can buy all the how-to courses in the world to learn a new skill but if you haven't dealt with your junk, that stuff that's really holding you back - you're going nowhere. 

In order to create the class, I just need you to answer one question: what's the biggest question you have about turning your unique story into a thriving brand?

I'm truly looking forward to sharing my story with you and helping you finally shed your junk so you can build and grow your business. Are you ready?

Just click to get started ==> and oh yeah, let's start using the hashtag #LWBFSURVIVOR all over social media. We've got a lot to celebrate!

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