How to Stand Out if You're a New Virtual Assistant

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I have no idea how many virtual assistants there are but I do know the industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years when I started out. And that's a good thing. A little competition never hurt anyone, right?

Personally, having more virtual assistants enter the field has made me step up my game. Rather than get intimidated, I get motivated.


I take courses and keep my eye on what skills business owners are requesting.  One of the most requested skills? Social media and content creation.

Email management and customer service-type skills are also in hot demand.

OK, you see new virtual assistants taking the plunge daily to launch their biz. What can you do to stand out among the pack?  

Be selective.

I belong to quite a few active Facebook groups. As a matter of fact, that's where I do the majority of my networking to find clients. If you want to learn how I find clients in Facebook groups, sign up for my free course.

What I see time and time again is a new virtual assistant responding to EACH and EVERY posting they see. Not good. Why?

By applying to anything that comes down the pike, you are not specialized. And specialization is what will make you stand out.

Listen, my dad was a master at his craft - bricklaying. One of the best in the area, if I can brag for a second. Could he do carpentry work? Yep. But that wasn't his specialization. He was a bricklayer and he knew it. And he was darn good at it.

Find what you are awesome at and run with it. When you determine your specialized gift, it will be easy to weed out the job openings that aren't a good fit.

Listen, I know you might be in a financial bind. You've got a bill staring you in the face so you're not in a position to turn down business. I get it. Been there. My dad probably took some jobs that underpaid and didn't utilize his skills to the fullest just so he could keep a roof over our heads.

But he always came back to bricklaying. And that's how people knew him.

Become known as THAT person who loves creating content, or setting up funnels, or is a master email organizer. When you become THAT person, folks will recommend you for THAT job or client.

Use the best tools possible.

Just because you're a newbie doesn't mean you have to go cheap. But it doesn't mean you have to break the bank, either. Some of the best tools out there are free or require a low investment.

Clients love when you use the tools they already use or even better - you can recommend something they've never used.

For example, you've got a super unorganized client. Emails are constantly getting lost, deadlines are missed. Be proactive and set up a system to track deadlines and projects. My go-to tool is Trello. I track my weekly tasks, set up tasks for my virtual assistant, collaborate with clients and a whole lot more. And it's free, baby! 

Want a few more free tools? Here's a free PDF of some tools I use in my business. 

Over deliver.

 Networking is one way to find clients but referrals are the bread and butter of any business. If you do a great job for a client, more than likely they will tell other people about you. And if you don't do a great job? Well, a bad rep can spread like wildfire, especially on social media.How can you avoid that?

Do a little bit more than what the client expects.

A client asks for Twitter posts. Maybe do a search and find potential leads for the client. Offer to grow their Twitter followers in addition to creating content. Your client will love the fact that you want to be a part of their business and not just looking out for yours.

Are you ready to learn the in's and out's of being a rockstar virtual assistant?

Join this growing  Facebook group run by my buddy Susan where there's a lot of support, information and encouragement. You can do this!

Regina Lewis

Regina's passion is helping a new generation of virtual assistants launch their new business or take their business to the next level.  When she's not working at the local ministry, blogging or tinkering with Squarespace, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching "Downton Abbey" to the point that it irritates her boys and people-watching from her front porch.