10 Totally Free Resources Every Virtual Assistant Needs to Make $$$

Are you a virtual assistant and need some free resources to get going? Check out this post with my favorite 10 resources that will jumpstart your virtual assistant business.

I see you.

There’s only a few weeks left in 2018. You’re kicking yourself because you let another year go by and you’re no closer to working from home as a virtual assistant than you were back in January when you made that New Year’s resolution of being a virtual assistant.

You’re Googling any and everything you can find: “virtual assistant”, “virtual assistant jobs”, “how to be a virtual assistant.”

You’re all up in the Facebook groups asking all the questions and getting a gazillion different answers to your simple question.

And you’re frustrated.

Frustrated because there are just too many doggone pieces to the puzzle and you just ain’t got that kind of time to try to figure it all out.

Been there, honey.

I can still hear that aggravating modem noise in my head as I Googled everything related to working from home.

Don’t know what a modem is or the sound I’m talking about? Just click below and prepare to be annoyed. You’ve been warned. Seriously. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Wasn’t that awful?

Imagine listening to that for hours on end while you conduct search after search after search.

And coming up with crap.

My first virtual assistant client closed up shop in 2008 when the real estate market tanked. But this girl had gotten a taste of working from home and wasn’t about to go back to anyone’s office. Nope.

So I Googled.

And listened to that frickin’ modem noise.

Because I was determined to make working from home work for me and my family.

I wanted to homeschool the boys.

I wanted to do the type of work I wanted to do and not what someone told me I needed to do.

And then one day, it happened.

Google took me where I wanted and needed to be.

Google led me to VA Networking.

And when I logged in the first time, I truly cried. Because it was what I needed right then - all the information and hand-holding I needed to get my virtual assistant business of the ground.

I joined the free forum and asked every dumb question that had caused me frustration. And I found women who got where I was and helped me through all the bumps in my virtual assistant journey. I wasn’t alone anymore to figure it all out.

I grabbed a binder and printed out every free printable I could find on that site. I read them, made notes, and then implemented the strategies.

Seriously - this golden treasure trove of information was free to anyone who wanted to work from home as a virtual assistant?

How cool is that?

And before you knew it, I went from one client to ten clients.

It all came full circle for me when I was selected to be a speaker at their online conference. As I put my notes together and looked back on the years that led me from struggling work from home wannabe to a full-fledged online business woman, I was in awe of how far I had traveled.

But it happened.

And it can happen for you.

You just need a boost.

Here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to head over to VA Networking and grab these free resources. It will save you lots of time in the fact gathering stage of your journey. Time is money! There are 10 resources:

#1 - VA Forum

Log into this free forum and I bet you’ll find the answers you need. I did. There are over 50,000 members and they are so helpful to new virtual assistants. Get in there and introduce yourself.

#2 - VIDEO: What to Expect as a Virtual Assistant

Tawnya, who has been doing this virtual assistant thing for over 20 years (!), drops some serious knowledge bombs in this video. If you’re still on the fence about becoming a virtual assistant and you’re curious, settle back, listen and learn.

#3 - Kickstart your VA Business eBook

This was the very first resource I ever used in my business. I printed out this puppy and stuck it in my learning binder (hey, I’m a former homeschooling mom. Binders are golden in our world)! Don’t just download it and forget about it. Actually read it and then implement.

#4 - Checklist: Virtual Assistant Startup

Get Tawnya’s Virtual Assistant Checklist to help you on the journey of getting your business up and running easily. It covers the full startup areas of a Virtual Assistant business including Business Sense, Business Description, Marketing, Operations, Operations, Financials, Business Plan and Maintenance in an easy check off list PLUS further resources to help you get going in a new VA business.

#5 - Checklist: 200 Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant

Don’t have a clue what you can do as a virtual assistant? Download this puppy and I bet you find something that fits your current skill set.

#6 - VIDEO: Setting Your Price, Getting Paid & Making it Legal

Pricing, pricing, pricing. Probably one of the most asked questions in the industry, behind, “How do I find clients?” Watch this video and get your questions answered about how you should set your price, how to get paid and keep it all legal.

#7 - WORKSHEET: The Hourly Pricing FORMULA

What do you need to charge to make a profit in your business? This worksheet/spreadsheet will take the mystery out of that.

#8 - CONTRACT: Independent Contractor Agreement

Repeat after me: I will never work without a contract. Now you don’t have to. Grab this one and you’ll be all set.

#9 - GRAPHICS: Images for Social Media Marketing

These graphics can be used on Facebook, blog posts or wherever else you want to promote the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant. Will save you lots of time!

#10 - EBOOK: Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing (& Video)

When business is slow, you’ll be happy you added affiliate income to your revenue model. Learn what affiliate marketing is and how you can add it to your business.

Now, I want you to do more than just download these resources.

I want you to really digest the information.

And then take action.

Download these 10 awesome resources - totally free!

There are a few other things I want you to do:

  • If you’re stuck on setting goals and then taking action, make sure to download this helpful guide.

Free Slay Your Goals Guide

  • Confused about what you need to do to get started as a virtual assistant? Take my free training and grab free bonuses.

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      All is not lost.

      You can hit the restart button.

      Whatever you’ve already tried in 2018 that didn’t work - fuggedaboutit.

      This is going to be the last time you dream about being a virtual assistant.

      It’s time to do it. Are you ready?

      Until next time,

      P.S. - As soon as I finished this post, my friend, Tawnya sent me an email with more free resources you can use. I just love her! Anyways, she’s hosting a December Stuffed Stocking Giveaway that includes:

      1. 30-Day Challenge to a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and More Results! ($197)

      2. The Digital Marketer’s Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels ($67)

      3. $30 Gift Code for Any PLR ($30)

      4. Blogging Basics for Business ($67)

      5. Passive Income Planner ($37)

      6. How to Keep Your (& Your Clients!) WordPress Site Up To Date ($47)

      7. Workbook Templates ($54)

      8. What Is PLR and How The Heck Do I Use It? ($124)

      9. How to Set Yourself Up For Success! ($47)

      10. Client Acquisition Letters Template Pack ($37)

      11. Your Social Plan December ($49)

      12. New Year New Career 5-Day Live Challenge ($497)

      13. Grow Your Client Base: Email List Building for Virtual Assistants ($37)

      14. Your Best Year Every + 90-Day Planner ($37)

      15. 2019 Virtual Assistant Success Tool Kit! ($150)

      16. VA Marketing Kit ($37)

      17. Business Evaluation Worksheet & Email Templates ($37)

      18. Motivational Audio Library ($250)

      19. Email Follow-up Planner ($67)

      20. The Giveaway or Bundle Events Action Plan ($37)

      21. Become a Proactive VA Training Track ($97)

      So, go ahead, check out the giveaway, download what you need and make 2019 your year to work as a virtual assistant. You deserve it.

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