Why You Shouldn't Work with Clients Just for the Money

You’re a virtual assistant and desperate for client work. Should you take on clients just to pay the bills? Read to learn about my experience of putting $$$ before passion.

I once took a virtual assistant gig that I knew in my heart I didn't want.

But this sista had bills to pay. So I took the job.

It wasn't that I couldn't do the job. It just wasn't my passion.

Every day, I would stare at that list of calls I had to make and it seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

I made up excuses why I couldn't just sit down and make the calls. Shoot, I even scrubbed my kitchen floor - on my hands and knees! 😬

That gig wasn't my passion. All I saw was the $$$ I could make to pay the bills I needed to pay.

When I finally did sit down to make those dreaded calls, I sucked at it. And the people on the receiving end of my call probably sensed it. So they hung up on me. Hang up after hang up - rejection after rejection.

It got me thinking: was I even cut out for this type of work? I can't even make phone calls!

Well, here's the truth: I can't make phone calls! I'm an introvert by nature and phone calls to/with strangers really make me anxious.

That doesn't make me a bad virtual service provider, though.

There are so many things a virtual assistant can do. If you’re stuck, here’s 150 ideas for you. Things that really are things we want to do - our passions.

So, how do you figure out what your passion is and not chase jobs just for the moola?

It truly starts with the simple question of, “What makes my heart sing?”

What’s that thing you can do with your eyes closed and you would do for free if you had to? Not suggesting you work for free, mind you :)

I love to blog. And design websites. Pinterest.

Those are my jams.

Not phone calls. Not data entry. Nothing wrong with those things. But those are not my jams.

Desperation breeds mediocre clients.

A potential client can sniff out when you’re taking them on out of desperation and not because you truly want to partner with them.

Before you know it, you’ll do anything to get out of doing their work (scrubbed kitchen floors, anyone?).

And worse yet, you’ll cringe when you see an email from them. You might even duck their calls and ignore any and all communications.

You might even go ghost.

And that’s like the kiss of death in the virtual assistant world.

A lot of business owners think that’s what virtual assistants will do - disappear off the face of the earth, leaving mounds of unfinished work and more importantly, damaged trust.

When you exude your passion, you’ll get hooked up with the right client, time after time after time.

You won’t have to hustle hard, taking whatever measly crumbs are available. Your passion, your true genius, will shine through to attract the ideal client.

Your passion will give you the confidence you need to sign the clients you want.

Remember that the next time you pitch a potential client.

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