Cheap Gift Ideas Any Side Hustler Will Love

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Fall. I absolutely love the fall season. The cooler weather, changing colors. Fall just seems cozy to me.

Want to buy a gift for the side hustler in your life? Here are some cheap options as well as a few free ideas to make their day.

I’m sitting in my rocker watching an episode of Eastenders while the boys are in their rooms playing Fortnite. I’m pretty tired of the whole Fortnite craze but when I think about it, I guess it compares to some stuff we loved back in the day: like Pacman.

Saturday is my day to write blog posts, make tweaks to the website and catch up on any reading that will help my blog grow.

I reserve Saturdays for the blog and household stuff. Because when you side hustle, you’ve got to have a plan. If you don’t things can go south pretty quickly.

Before I sat down to write this post, I made my budget for the holidays. Some of you reached out about how to make some quick money before the holidays get here. If you haven’t read my blog post about it, just click the link below to get some ideas.

9 Side Hustles You Can Do To Make Extra Money Before the Holidays

Speaking of the holidays, it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas. I have a hard time thinking of gifts for loved ones.And I don’t like waiting until the last minute to buy gifts. Here are some gift ideas for the special side hustler in your life. Or just treat yourself :)

Gifts to keep you organized


Oh my goodness, where would I be without my crockpot? Probably starved, that’s where. The crockpot can have a nice, hot meal ready for you when you get home from your full-time gig. It used little electricity, too. And during the cooler months, it’s perfect for making a big old thing of chili. Or soup. Or stew. Or something else really good.


I love a nice planner. Yes, I use Google Calendar but I also love to write and putting pen to paper just feels good sometimes. Keep all of your activities organized with this handy-dandy planner.

Meal Prep Containers

Not only do I prep meals for myself but I also make the boys’ meals ahead of time. I usually cook once per week and store meals in these containers. When you’ve dragged your butt in the door after working hard all day, it’s a nice sight to see your meals all stacked and ready in the fridge.

Purse Organizer

Does anyone else’s purse look a hot mess on the inside? Or am I the only one? This purse organizer will keep all of your loose bits in place. No more fishing around for your cell phone or keys!

Relaxation Time

Don’t get so bogged down in work that you don’t take time to relax. Here are a few gift ideas to help your side hustling friend slow down and relax.


A candle is so soothing. Give this one a try and watch the stress go up in smoke - literally.

Beauty Set

Side hustlers might be busy but they still want to look and feel good. This beauty set fits the bill.

Tea and Coffee Set

Hot chocolate? Coffee? You don’t have to choose with this set. Have both! Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life.

Free Gifts Mean a Lot

Now, I like gifts as much as the next person but the best gifts are totally free and from the heart. Here are some ways you can help a fellow side hustler.

Offer to pick up groceries or even cook a meal

I may have mentioned a time or two how I can’t stand grocery shopping. I spend way too much time going up and down aisles and I always come away with something that wasn’t on my list. If I could wave a magic wand and have groceries in my fridge without going to the store, I’d be extremely grateful. Maybe someone you know is strapped for time and can’t make it to the store. Offer to take their list and pick up what they need. Or better yet, fix a meal so they don’t have to stop to cook one themselves. I bet they’ll love you for it. I know I would :)

Note: Walmart Grocery Pickup is available in some areas and is a huge time-saver. Click to give it a try and get $10 off your first order.

Clean their house

Side hustlers have a lot on their plate and sometimes the house suffers. Doesn’t mean they don’t want a clean house - maybe they just don’t have the time to get it done. That’s where you come in, friend. Grab your mop, vacuum and cleaning supplies and give your friend’s home a good clean.

Carpool their kids to and from practice and other events

“Mom, I’ve got basketball/ballet/soccer/play/(insert anything else)/practice.”


That means you’ve gotta stop working on your side hustle project or let something else slide in order to get your kiddo where they need to be.

If you know someone in this boat, reach out and offer to take their kids where they need to go, giving your side hustlin’ buddy time to finish their work.

That’s it for now. Go on and make some side hustlin’ mama happy!

Until next time!