What to Do When When Life Forces You to Change


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I like hot baths. For me a long, hot bath brings comfort usually after a hard, trying day. But sometimes if I'm not careful, I'll run the water too hot. And instead of being patient and waiting for it to cool off, I'll ease myself into the scorching hot water, only to instantly experience a burning sensation. But as my body adjusts to the temperature, I start to feel more comfortable and actually enjoy it.

Over the last several years and especially the last few months, life has been one scorching hot bath after another. I've been feeling more uncomfortable than comfortable and I've been afraid to change with the seasons even when the signs were right in my face to do just that.

Well, my bath has finally reached a temperature I can tolerate.

I'm a creature of comfort: going outside of my comfort zone makes me really anxious, which in turn makes me do nothing (usually). But God intends for us to grow and we grow when we obey Him.

The topics you see right now on the website reflect ME - the things I am truly passionate about, the things that have been put on my heart to share with the world. The things that are near and dear and things that have made me who I am now at this particular season of my life.  And really, that's what blogging should be about - sharing what you truly love with your readers, not just writing about stuff that you know will be popular with the masses. That gets old. 

I've changed. And it's time to go with those changes.

Listen, I'm about to tell you something I am guilty of: comparing myself to others. You can only do that for so long until you start feeling this nagging feeling in your stomach that you just can't put your finger on. Until you take a deep, hard look at yourself and realize that you're not content with where you are.

Over the last month, I've been doing a lot of praying. And reading. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed curling up with a book and taking in the words. And this book helped me through the process. If you struggle with comparison-itis, I highly suggest you grab it. Do more than read it - put it into practice.


Life is a journey. And lots of journeys are bumpy + messy. Maybe you're ready to rid yourself of people and things that don't serve you well anymore. You'll experience changes in emotions, you may make some wrong turns along the way that lead to dead ends. You can either turn around and try again or stop and do nothing.

My journey is no different: lots of turns, lots of mistakes and lots of grace. 

It's time to step out in hopes of helping and serving others. Whether you're looking to work from home so you can be free and independent or you've finally decided to get healthy, losing that excess weight + other stuff you've been carrying around for a lifetime (raising hand over here), or your work and home life is out of whack (can I get a witness?), let's travel this road together.

No more beating ourselves up over past mistakes. We've been given grace and forgiveness. It's time to enjoy that grace and get on with the life we should have - one filled with joy.

Are you ready?

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