5 Things to Do While You Wait on Your First Client

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Updated January 24, 2019

You're three weeks in to the new year and you don't have a nibble, client-wise. Waiting is hard.  I'm not known for my patience but I'm working on that.  So when you put in all the hard work to launch your virtual assistant business and you don't have any clients, you can get discouraged, right?  I get it.  But I'm here to tell you: don't give up. It's a waiting game and if you give up too soon, you'll never know what you could achieve, right?

Before you throw in the towel on your business, there are some things you can do while you wait on that first client.  Here you go!

Connect in Facebook groups.

I get almost half of my website traffic from Facebook.  That's because I spend a little time in target Facebook groups every day, getting my face out there and getting seen. Grab a copy of my ebook and you’ll get access to over 100 Facebook groups where you can get in and pitch your business.

Speaking of courses:

Take a free course.

Now's a good time to learn something new.  Have you wanted to learn Pinterest?  Take Summer Tannhauser's free email course.  Believe me, you'll learn enough to be dangerous on Pinterest!  I took her course and doubled my number of Pinterest followers over three months! There are a slew of courses out there so use this time to gain a new skill.  Udemy and Lynda are great places to start.

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    Write blog posts.

    When the client work starts flowing in (believe me, it will!), there will be little time to blog so why not do it now?  Make blogging part of your marketing strategy.  If you've got a website make good use of that Internet real estate and create a blog!  It's easy to do but if you're stuck, check out this beautiful ebook. Suzi of Start a Mom Blog has some resources that will jumpstart your business. 

    Apply for a work from home job.

    I totally get it -- you need to make some money like right now!  When you're in a tight squeeze, maybe apply for a work from home job, like transcription.  Many transcriptions jobs don't require too much experience. Or make sure to sign up for my weekly work from home leads.

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      Review your processes.

      During your downtime, go over your processes.  Do you have intake forms set up?  Do you have a welcome packet for your new clients?  Review your contract.  Create Trello boards to get organized.  Research new tools.  Use this checklist to make sure you've crossed all your t's and dotted your i's.

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      Keep plugging at it and don't give up!  You started a business for a reason.  You may have to change your plan initially but stay focused on your "why."  Good luck!

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      What’s standing in the way of you getting your first client? Share in the comments.