Four Mistakes Every New Virtual Assistant Should Avoid

I love a good Facebook group. You know, the ones where there's lots of conversation and sharing of ideas. Facebook groups are where I get some really good content ideas for the blog. I also can find out what skills are hot and are constantly in need and I can usually answer a question or two of a new virtual assistant. I guess I just love helping :)

I celebrated 10 years in business this year (raise the roof!). That's the celebratory part. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you about the mistakes I made along the way. Boy, they were doozies!

- I worked for waaaaay less than the industry standard, sometimes for less than minimum wage. Doh!

- I took any and all clients that came my way. I didn't have a niche.

- I took on waaaaay too many clients.

Chalk those mistakes up to being totally green about owning my own business, maybe not being confident in my abilities, maybe scared to turn down business. I don't know but whatever it was, I was screwing over my business. Not good.

But I'm gonna tell you something I DON'T like about Facebook groups: when virtual assistants don't tell the whole story. Sharing the not-so-pretty side of owning a virtual assistant business helps those just starting out. If you read all those posts about how everyone is making bank and all of their clients are just gems, it can be pretty discouraging when your business isn't like that. You might start wondering, "What am I doing wrong?" Before you know it, you're comparing your business to someone else's. Self-doubt will get in the way of your business if you let it. But don't - you're a rockstar, right?

I decided to ask a few veteran virtual assistants (in business one year or more) a question: what is the one thing they wished they knew when they started their business?  Read below to see what they had to say:

No matter how organised you think you are, you need to be 10x as organised as that :)
— Seema Mangoo, Hourglass Business Services -

How to be confident in my skills, and not to doubt myself.
— Julie, Prestige PA -
How to step up instead of waiting for more work (thankfully this changed quickly!)
— Corey Ann Sheldon, Alegria Systems LLC -

How to set boundaries!
— LaKenya Kopf, Kopf Consulting -

Thanks, ladies, for sharing. And I hope you found their advice useful. Head over to their websites for some inspiration, why don't ya?

And make sure to check out the resources page for things to help you in your work from home journey.