29 Quotes that Sum Up Thanksgiving Perfectly

It’s countdown to Thanksgiving here in the United States. I’m looking forward to some downtime and taking the time to give praise where praise is due.

Make sure to click through the picture gallery for some of my favorite quotes about Thanksgiving. And at the end of this post, I’ve even got a gift for you :)

For many, Thanksgiving is all about:

Scrumptious food, laid out on a beautiful table.

Quality time with family.

Vacations off to exotic locations.

Sounds just wonderful, doesn’t it?


But for some, Thanksgiving isn’t a time of joy.

Thanksgiving might be a painful time, thinking of loved ones no longer with us.

The holiday might be filled with messy family situations and brokenness.

It could be just another lonely day.

Thanksgiving might have you digging down deep in your pocket to buy the food for the holiday meal, causing you stress about how you’re gonna pay the bills.

The day after Thanksgiving could see you knocking folks down to grab that coveted electronic item (sarcasm warning ahead) you oh-so need.

Breathe, honey. Breathe.

It’s gonna be okay.

Even when things seem totally hopeless, there’s something to be grateful for.


When you take a moment, away from the madness and stress, and focus on your life, I bet you can find something — no matter how small — that you can celebrate.

One way I track my journey is through journaling.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! Grab your free gratitude journal, filled with 30 prompts to eliminate the question, “What do I write about?”

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    So the next time your well-meaning Aunt Clara asks you for the umpteenth time when you’re going to get married, just say, “Bless your heart” and grab your journal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Share it in the comments.