Hey, I'm Regina! Glad to meet you!

Want to know more about me?


  • First and foremost, I love God. Without Him, I'd be nothing. He has poured his love and time into me to make me who I am. 
  • Talk about adversity - my story is one of abuse, homelessness, violence, forgiveness and redemption. 
  • I work full-time at a ministry as a volunteer coordinator, a job that doesn't feel like a job.



  • I hate dry hands and feet and absolutely love soy-based candles. When I'm working on a big project, I always light a candle to help me concentrate.


  • I've got a pile of books on my side table that are begging for me to pick them up and finish them. I enjoy blogging books, biographies and autobiographies, and anything about the British royal family (are you sensing a theme here?).


  • I root for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Falcons and the Cleveland Browns (yes, I've probably heard all the jokes about the Browns but one can hope for a winning season!).


  • A nice consignment shop will get my attention every time and I probably eat one-too-many bowls of Edy's vanilla ice cream.


  • I'm a proud mom to eight kids (three still at home) and Gigi to seven. 


  • My youngest son is autistic. When the doctor told me he would never speak, I cried like a baby. Now, this little kid not only speaks but has taught himself to read. Take that, doctor!