Hey there!


Hello!  Regina here!  I create courses, mentor up-and-coming virtual assistants and help existing virtual assistants take their business to the next level.

Let me start off by shouting, "God is good!"  He has saved my bacon more times than I can count and He has always forgiven me.  Everything I have been able to accomplish has been because of Him and part of being a child of God is sharing.  

That's what I'm all about:  sharing my gifts with others and helping others realize their dreams.

I've been blessed to work from home since 2007.  I've owned a social media company, a virtual assistant company and I was a customer service trainer for a remote company.  Now, in addition to my business, I work with an amazing group of folks at a neighborhood ministry where we share the Gospel. Over the years, my faith has continued to grow and I've learned the importance of incorporating that faith in everything I do -- work, play and everything in between.

Stuff I love:

First and foremost, I love God.  Without Him, I'd be nothing.  He has poured his love and time into me to make me who I am.  I love helping aspiring virtual assistants realize their dream of owning their own business.  In my downtime, you can catch me watching British shows like EastEnders and Downton Abbey and reruns of Keeping up Appearances.  I love British TV!  I've got a pile of books on my side table that are begging for me to pick them up and finish them.   I enjoy blogging books, biographies and autobiographies, and anything about the British royal family (are you sensing a theme here?).   I root for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Falcons and the Cleveland Browns (yes, I've probably heard all the jokes about the Browns but one can hope for a winning season!)  A nice consignment shop will get my attention every time and I probably eat one-too-many bowls of vanilla ice cream.

I hired Regina to manage my social media accounts and find leads for my business. I am very impressed by her take charge methods and attention to detail. From the beginning, Regina curated copy for my social media posts that were 100% in my voice. Regina asks questions when necessary, but also knows when to find answers on her own. I definitely recommend working with Regina - you won’t be disappointed!
— Rebecca Bakofsky, Virtually, Rebecca

Meet Tanya, General Virtual Assistant

Tanya handles all of the back-end tasks it takes to run a virtual assistant business. She is an expert at scheduling social media, Pinterest management and organizing tasks. Let's learn more about Tanya, in her own words:

My background is in Administrative Assistance, with over six years experience in administrative support roles in the education sector.  Although I enjoyed my work very much, I was no longer getting any fulfilment from it and I knew something had to change, but I didn't know what.  So I started searching for part-time work and it was during this time that I came across the term Virtual Assistant for the first time.  Very quickly, I realised this is it!  Now, of course realising what I wanted to do was great, but I didn’t know how to get there.  So, I took a leap of faith, tuned into a positive mindset and believed that I would become a VA, not knowing how or when.  I started volunteering remotely for a non-profit organisation doing research and basic web management.   

Professionally I am dedicated, hardworking, reliable and keen to learn new skills.  In my free time, I enjoy watching American dramas such as Quantico, Chicago Justice and The Blacklist, as well as volunteering remotely for non-profit organisations.  I have always wanted to travel and my next milestone is to plan the places I want to visit and make it happen while doing what I enjoy!